IDCC: Nu drar 7:e säsongen av IDCC igång!


Nu startar vi äntligen sjunde omgången av IDCC.

Vi kommer även detta år köra två grupper, alltså dubbla serier med start 1:a respektive 2:a oktober på utomhusbanan i Järfälla.
Vi börjar där vi slutade i fjol och eftersom oktober inte är den ljusaste tiden kör vi denna gång med belyst bana!

Finalen kommer även att ske på järfälla gokartbana i april 2014.

Skynda dig och anmäl ditt lag! Mer information på www.lestrup.nu

Detta år kan vi även utöver gokartkörningen erbjuda två olika snöskoterpaket.
Ett där vi över dagen flyger till Luleå och kör snöskoter, badar tunna, äter vildmarkslunch och avslutar med middag innan sista flyget hem.
Alternativ två är en tredagarsresa till Sälen med boende och två dagar skoteråkning! Mer information och datum kommer.

Vi kommer även den 14:e maj arrangera ett 4-timmars race på järfällabanan. Start 16:00.

Gr 1
1:a oktober Järfälla Samling 18:00
22:a oktober Hammarby samling 19:00
19:e november Hammarby samling 19:00
21:a januari Hammarby samling 19:00
25:e mars Hammarby samling 19:00
28:a april Järfälla samling 18:00

Gr 2
2:a oktober Järfälla Samling 18:00
23:e oktober Hammarby samling 19:00
20:e november Hammarby samling 19:00
22:a januari Hammarby samling 19:00
26:e mars Hammarby samling 19:00
30:a april Järfälla samling 18:00

IDCC, som är skapat av Fredrik Lestrup och Joakim Carlsson, är till för företag eller kompisgäng som vill köra gokart på ett mer spånnande och seriöst sätt. Serien är en lagtävling och består av 6 deltävlingar där alla lagen vid varje tillfälle får poäng för sin placering.

Efter de sex deltävlingarna har en vinnare utsetts och ett pris blir deras.
Tävlingarna körs på Gokartstockholm i Hammarby Sjöstad samt Järfälla gokartbana.

1 serie
6 deltävlingar
1 vinnare
10 minuters träning
90 minuters race
Minst 5 byten / lag
Fritt antal förare i laget

Samling: 19:00
Träning: 19:15-19:30
Race: 19:45-21:15

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

2200kr (ex moms) per lag och race

Fredrik Lestrup fredrik@lestrup.nu, 0739707066

Joakim Carlsson jocke@naturgolv.se, 0705151700

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Fredrik Lestrup class winner and fifth overall in Barcelona 24 hours


Fredrik Lestrup and Besaplast Motorsport defended their class victory in the 24 hours of Barcelona race and even improved on the overall position from last year by finishing fifth overall as the MINI team were in the hunt for an overall podium position throughout the race.

But it was far from a smooth race weekend from start to finish for the team who had to fight several obstacles along the way. An engine problem already in practice forced the team to sit out qualifying and change the engine. The drivers could therefore not drive their mandatory laps and the team was disqualified from qualifying and had to start last. But with a long race ahead this didn’t have much of an impact and with the new engine they could set some impressive times already during night practice.


Fredrik Lestrup drove the start stint and moved the team up the order and the climb through the field then continued throughout the race. As Sunday morning arrived the team was already in a commanding class lead and looked set for a sensational overall third place in the race as they had cleared the eventual third placed car by that time. But disaster struck in the shape of a broken belt to the water pump and the team was forced into the pits for repairs. This meant they fell from the class lead and out of top 10 overall but following monster stints through the rest of the race by Fredrik Lestrup and Thomas Teekat took them back up to the class lead and fifth place overall by theend of the race.
“Once again a great result for us in Barcelona with the little MINI that could,” Fredrik says. “The car was fantastic and the team did a perfect job handling the problems you almost always have to count on in a long race like this. They did an outstanding job changing the belt for the water pump in just ten minutes which shouldn’t be possible. This kept us in the race and the fight and made it possible for us to get back to the class lead and climb back to a great overall position.”


This was Fredrik’s third 24-hour race of the year for the team and his second class win after having won the class and finished 23rd overall with their Audi TT-RS in the 24 hours of Nürburgring. In the fight back during the morning hours Fredrik had to drive several extra stints.
“It was hard work but the car was so good to drive and so well prepared it didn’t feel as hard as it was. It was a good race for us where we had to fight and deal with some small problems but the team never gave up and worked hard and were well prepared. A big thanks to the whole Besaplast Motorsport team and my team mates for another great 24 hour race.”

Full results, 24 hour Barcelona 2013 – http://www.24hoursbarcelona.com/results-24H-Barcelona


Status before the start of 24 hours of Barcelona


The first day of the 24 hour race weekend at Barcelona started difficult for Besaplast Motorsport. Fredrik Lestrup went out first in practice but already on the out lap there was an engine problem that forced him to park out on the circuit. The team had to spend qualifying changing the engine and therefore was not able to have all drivers drive the mandatory laps. Thomas Teekat was the only one who could drive qualifying and put the car on pole in class. In the night practice everyone could drive and the team was 20th fastest overall with the new engine. The team has elected to start the race from the pit lane rather than starting from the back of the grid because not all drivers drove in qualifying. Regulations states that all drivers in the team has to drive a minimum of three laps in qualifying and night practice.
“Not the ideal start to the weekend but we feel confident after night practice. The team did a great job putting the new engine in and the car feels very fast. It’s a long race so starting from  the pit lane is not much of an issue. I’m looking forward to the race, it can be exciting as the track is flooded by rain right now. I’ll drive the start stint”, Fredrik says.


The race starts at 12:00.

Follow the race live on the race website – http://live.24hseries.com/

Reports about the race will also be posted on Fredrik Lestrup Racing Facebook page:

There will also be live reports on the race offical Facebook and Twitter pages:




Third 24-hour race of the year for Fredrik Lestrup


Fredrik Lestrup is ready for his third 24-hour race in 2013. This weekend it’s time for the 24-hour race  at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Fredrik goes to Barcelona with high expectations after winning his class and finishing seventh overall last year driving the Besaplast Motorsport run MINI John Cooper Works S.
– I’m looking forward to returning with Besaplast Motorsport, Fredrik says. We had a great race last year and drove a faultless race which put us ahead of much faster cars. It will be hard to repeat but we will certainly try. There is a nice relaxed atmosphere at this event but that all changes when the race starts. The track is hard on the tyres so tyre management is key here.

This will be Fredrik’s seventh 24-hour race and his sixth with Besaplast Motorsport. A team he enjoys doing endurace racing for.
– It’s a small team but whether it’s their MINI or the Audi TT-RS the cars are always well prepared and I like the feeling in the team. We manage these races really well and it will be nice to be back in action with everyone at Besaplast. Since I don’t have a full season programme this year these 24-hour races feel even more important. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Fredrik Lestrup will drive the #46 MINI John Cooper Works S for Besaplasat Motorsport in class A2. His teammates will be Franjo Kovac, Henry Littig and Thomas Teekat.

Race schedule:

Friday September 6th:
16:30 – Free practice
17:45 – Qualifying 2 hours
21:00 – Night practice 2 hours

Saturday September 7th:
12:00 – Race start 24 hours

Follow the race live on the race website – http://live.24hseries.com/

Reports about the race will also be posted on Fredrik Lestrup Racing Facebook page:

There will also be live reports on the race offical Facebook and Twitter pages:

Time schedule

Entrylist – 24 hours of Barcelona

One lap around Circuit de Catalunya with Fredrik Lestrup in 2012 24 hour race in Barcelona

 Besaplast Motorsport


Class win and 23:rd overall at Nürburgring 24 hours


Fredrik Lestrup drove an impressive race in one of the most challenging editions of the Nürburgring 24-hour race at Nürburgring Nordschleife. In the Besaplast Racing entered Audi TT-RS the team was in their own class and easily claimed the class victory on their way to finish 23:rd overall and best non-GT3 car out of over 200 starters.
“One of my best races so far,” Fredrik said afterwards. “I drove half the race and had my stints when Nordschleife was at its worse. A real challenge.”

At one point the conditions were so bad that the race director had no other choice but red flag the race at 11 pm after six hours of racing. At this moment heavy rain had lead to standing water on the track and in combination with darkness and thick fog they could no longer guarantee the safety of the competitors. Fredrik was out in the Audi for a two hour long stint when the race was red flagged. He was enjoying himself and posted top 5 lap times overall in the race when it was stopped. Fredrik agreed with the decision. At the time he had taken the team from 37th overall to 23rd overall during his stint.
“The Audi was great in the racing and my driving was really good but it was the right decision to stop the race. It’s difficult to explain just how hard it is to drive on this track in conditions like this. You are on the limit of what’s possible all the time and you can hardly see a thing. It’s a completely unique and crazy experience.”



The race restarted 8 am in the morning with nine hours to go until the finish at 5 pm. After the restart Fredrik was back in the car again for triple stint of 2 hours and 40 minutes where he once again was among the fastest on the track when the rain returned to Nürburgring. His long stint in the rain during mid day secured the teams 23rd position as well as a class win.
“Once again a very special stint where I was out on slicks with rain on half the track and dry on the other half.  The car worked just as well as before the race was stopped and I could manage to keep up the pace with the faster GT3-cars. A big thank you to my team mates and everyone at Besaplast Racing. This is a great result for us and I’m very pleased with my own effort.”

Besides the Audi Fredrik also took the start of the race in the teams second car, a MINI John Cooper Works S Endurace, in which he drove a two hour long first stint in the race before he drove the rest of the race in the Audi. The MINI finished sixth in class and 77th overall after some repairs during the morning hours. Fredrik Lestrup drove a total of seven out of the 15 hour long race.

With 2013 being a slower year the next race for Fredrik is the 24-hour race in Barcelona the first week in September which will be his third 24-hour race this season. A few other endurance races as well as an Australian adventure is on the planning agenda.

Post-race interview – 24H Rennen TV


Drivers –  Besaplast Racing:

# 105 – Audi TT RS, SP4T
Fredrik Lestrup
Kurt Thiim
Franjo Kovac
Martin Tschornia

# 124 – MINI John Cooper Works Endurance
Fredrik Lestrup
Franjo Kovac
Jürgen Schmarl
Ralf Eisenreich

Photo: Martin Palm


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