Lestrup and Besaplast victorious at Mugello 12h


The second race of the year couldnt have gone any better for Fredrik Lestrup and the Besaplast Racing Team.
After the success in Dubai the goal was to win the race and that would put us far up in the total standings of the championship. We visited mugello in 2014 and at that race we managed to win the class and with the knowledge and experience from that we knew what we had to do.
The weekend started off with practice and qualifying and after some adjusting of the car we managed pole position in the class.

The race started smoothly and Fredrik Lestrup drove the car from a 64.th starting position to a 46:th position after the first two hour stint. We kept climbing in the standings but unfortunately after an hour in to Henry Littigs stint we suffered a major engine failure and had to pit to change the engine.

The race was divided in to two parts, with 4 hours of racing on the friday and 8 hours on the saturday. This meant we only had 50 minutes to change the engine before the night break. But we decided to not stress and change the engine overnight. This meant we lost 50 minutes of driving and recieved a 10 lap penalty for working during the parc ferme over night..

The team did a stellar job changing the engine and we where now ready to restart the race on the saturday morning.

We where now 21 laps behind the leaders in the class and had a big task infront of us to catch the lead.

We stayed to our strategy and managed to climb steadidly, the opposition in our class also suffered some problems and with 4 hours to go we where back in the lead in the class.

We extended the lead in the class and after the total 12 hours we finished first in the class and 51:st overall.

A big thanks to the Besaplast Racing Team for the amazing weekend and we now look forward to more success during the year!



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