High and low at Lausitzring


The weekend at Lausitzring had both highs and lows for Fredrik Lestrup as he and Besaplast Racing tackled the third weekend and round 5 and 6 of the ADAC Procar Championship at the combined oval and road course track in Germany. The very hot summer weather created its own problems during the weekend.

The weekend started great with yet another pole position for the Saturday race, Fredriks fifth straight pole position. It was duly followed by his fifth victory in as many starts as Fredrik kept the rest of the field behind him for the 20 minute race.

However the very high  temperatures at Lausitz created problems and Fredrik had to nurse an overheating car over the finish line in first place. After the race the team discovered damage to the engine and set to work to try and fix the problem. No matter how hard the Besaplast and Team Dombek tried the damage to the engine was too much and a start in the second race on Sunday was unfortunately out of the question. Fredrik summarizes his thoughts and impressions from the weekend.

“The positives first. The car was once again great and I have five victories from five starts so far which is great. Unfortunately the engine went hot during the race. It was extremely warm this weekend and we knew this was a risk. I could see the temperatures rising during the race and really nursed the car home, still protecting the lead. Unfortunately the temperature was too high and the damage to the engine too much to be able to start the race on Sunday. I know the team always does absolutely everything they can and always perform miracles so it says a lot when not even they could fix this. It is what it is and unfortunately my closest rival in the championship had a good Sunday but we are still in the lead. We’ll head to Salzburgring with a new engine hungry for revenge and encouraged we still have won every race we’ve started this year,” Fredrik says.

Fredrik still tops the standings, 12 points ahead of Heiko Hammel. ADAC Procar now heads for Austria and Salzburgring for round 7 and 8 on July 24-26.

Results, standings and schedule at adac-procar.de under Termine/Ergebnisse.



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