Best weekend so far in Dunlop V8 Supercars


At the street circuit in Townsville Fredrik Lestrup had his best Dunlop V8 Supercars weekend of the season result wise last weekend with a 13th and 16th position in the two races. Fredrik was happy with the progress.
“We continue to make progress and getting closer to our potential despite no testing during the season so I think we should be happy with the results this weekend,” Fredrik says. “We’ve not been able to crack the top 10 quite yet but this weekend we were closer than we’ve been so far.”

In the first race Fredrik climbed from 22nd position on the grid to a 13th position in the race, taking advantage of a final lap collision in the final corner to make up the last few positions. In the second race he started 19th and managed to climb to 16th at the finish line.
“It was another new track and another new street circuit so it was difficult to know what to expect before the weekend. My main priority was to have two clean races and keep the car in one piece and get a lot of running. We definitely achieved that with hardly a scratch on the car and two ok results and the most points we’ve scored from a weekend so far this year. The track was a lot of fun to drive, despite being a street circuit it felt like a proper race circuit but with close barriers. Overall a positive weekend with a lot of guests from Pacific Hoists, Bullivants and CEJN to support us,” Fredrik summarizes.


After the weekend Fredrik is now 17th overall in the standings.

Full results from Townsville and championship standings: 

Qualifying 1:


Qualifying 2:


Race 1:


Race 2:


Dunlop V8 Supercars Championship:



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