Up and down and up again for Fredrik at Adelaide


An intense and exciting first race for Fredrik Lestrup in the Dunlop V8 Supercars series. Starting 20th Fredrik got a good getaway and after two laps he was already up to 15th position. A bit later he locked up a wheel in turn 4 and decided to be safe rather than sorry and went down the escape road. That cost him nine positions as he reentered 24th but he picked off position after position and ended back up in 15h position again after a late safety car gave him a chance to retake 15th with just a few laps to go.

“The race went better than expected and it was just so much fun,” Fredrik said afterwards. “It’s possible to race with these cars and it was just great. I made a costly mistake in turn 4 and locked up the brakes and chosed to go down the escape road and flip it around rather than risk hitting the wall. That cost me nine positions but the car was great and the pace was really good and consistent and I could get them back and the pace was good enough for top 10. I’m really happy with my first race here, we fulfilled all the targets we had for the first race.”

With the race premiere now done Fredrik looks forward to another day of qualifying and race tomorrow and everything that made this first start possible.

“This has been a goal of mine for so long and it is still a bit difficult to realize it’s real. There are so many to thank, especially Pacific Hoists, Licht & Harmonie, Halda and all the other partners who together with the RSport team made this possible. I’m already looking forward to more.”

Tomorrow the weekend continues with another qualifying session followed by another 40 min/27 lap race.

Short Pacific Hoists video from the pitlane just after the race finish, capturing the enthusiasm:




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