Top 20 in both practice sessions at Adelaide


Fredrik Lestrup finished in the top 20 in the 30 car strong field in both practice sessions at Adelaide as he completed his first day in the Dunlop V8 Series. With no drama and a solid day with lots of running, a total of 43 laps, he was happy with his first day.
“Although it’s true that more people were ahead than behind us on the time sheet I’m happy with the day,” he said. “We did just what we set out to do, to have a problem free day with a lot of running and getting experience of the track and the car. There are things to work on obviously. I need to understand how to get the most out of these tyres when they are new and there’s more work to be done. But a very good first day and an unbelievable experience to finally having driven my first official V8 session. A big thanks to the team.”

Tomorrow there’s qualifying at 11:00 followed by the first race, 40 min long, at 18:15.

Results, practice 1 & 2 – links opens in new window:

Practice 1
Practice 2


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